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Taiyuan University of Technology online course selection notice for physical education of 2020 students


Every Colleges, Every students:


The 2020 level physical education optional courses are conducted on the teaching management service platform of the Academic Affairs Department of Taiyuan University of Technology. In order to ensure the smooth progress of course selection, all relevant managers and students are requested to strictly abide by the following regulations and conduct course selection within the time specified by the school.


1. In order to increase the speed of course selection and save the time for course selection, please carefully refer to the list of physical optional courses before selecting courses, and select the courses you want to take in advance; course selection will be done by students themselves, and no other person is allowed to choose.


2. Physical education classes are from Monday to Friday.


3. The first physical education class (the first week after school starts) is in the east playground of Mingxiang campus (students from the three classes of China World Trade Center LZ2001, Chinese Education LZ2001, and Computer LZ2001 gather in the Huyu playground). Students should follow the selected courses Arranged location collection.


4. Physical fitness is the optional course for 2020 students.


5. Course selection time is from 13:00 on September 30th to 17:00 on October 3rd.


6. Students must select items in the physical education unit arranged by the professional class. Each student can only choose one course.


7. If there is no special reason for students who do not choose courses this time, they will be deemed to have given up the physical education class this semester and no by-election will be conducted!


8. The operation steps for selecting courses are as follows: 1. Browse the homepage of Academic Affairs Office of Taiyuan University of Technology (http://jwc.tyut.edu.cn), click on the "Teaching Management Service Platform" on the page, 2. After entering the teaching management service platform , Select "Student Entrance (1)" or "Student Entrance (2)" and enter the student number and password to log in. 3. After logging in, in the "Shortcut" module, click the "Course Selection Management" button to enter the course selection. 4. In the pop-up interface, first tick "" in the box in front of the "Sports (1)" section, and then click the "Course" button. 5. On the next page that pops up, first tick "" in the corresponding box in front of the course section to be selected, and then click the "Course" button. 6. After the course selection is completed, you can click "Business Management"-"Student Selection"-"Selected Course List" in the list on the left to check whether the selected courses are correct one by one.

9、接入互联网(校园网速度较快)的机器都可在规定时间内进行选课,请同学们自己选择时间与机器。使用非校园网选课的同学请使用VPN接入校园网再进行选课,操作步骤请参考http://iadmin.tyut.edu.cn/info/1131/2583.htm ,请同学们提前使用VPN接入校园网,先登录教务系统看是否能查看成绩,确保连入校园网,以免延误选课时机。

9. All machines connected to the Internet (the campus network is faster) can select courses within the specified time. Please choose your own time and machine. Students who use non-campus network to select courses, please use VPN to access the campus network and then select courses. Please refer to http://iadmin.tyut.edu.cn/info/1131/2583.htm for the operation steps. Please use VPN access in advance On campus network, first log in to the educational administration system to see if you can check the results, and make sure to connect to the campus network to avoid delays in choosing courses.


10. After using the system, please note that you must "log out" to log out of the system to prevent others from modifying your data. If you want to continue using it, please click [Login] to log in again.


11. Please take good care of your user name and password, and carefully check the courses you have selected, so as to avoid wrong selection and miss selection, which will affect the start of the next semester. If you have any questions during the course selection process, please contact the College’s Teaching and Research Office to coordinate and solve them in time. All the consequences of the student’s wrong selection due to personal reasons shall be borne by the student.


12. Consulting Tel: 0351-3176728

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